About Us

Illuminate was established in the year 2018 with a vision to create an environment for the students to come together and help each other to learn and grow, acquire new skills and work on their personality.

Our Objective

Illuminate focuses on polishing the hard and soft skills of the students and helps them engrave a path for themselves so they can initiate their own start-ups or can lead the corporate world. Our society’s aim is to make our students self-reliant, confident, and pioneers.

Illuminate has kept its focus on training students for the corporate world from the beginning. Our society has organized multiple events in the past which helps students apply their theoretical knowledge in real life.

150 +

Society members

40 +

Webinars & Seminars

20 +

State Level Competitions

5 +

National Level Competitions

Meet Our Mentors

Sumedha Dutta

Head Coordinator

Message From Our Head Coordinator

I have been associated with Illuminate Society as its coordinator right from its inception. The society members’ enthusiasm and commitment to raise their own benchmark activity after activity has always inspired me to do more and more for them. Their zeal and diligence to create a learning platform benefiting one and all will definitely help them to go long way. I wish them great success in their future endeavors.

Vinayak Tulsiyan

Co Founder

Message From Our Co-Founder

Where college lacked, ILLUMINATE brought the solution. This society helped me grow my personality and skill.
I came in contact with such great seniors and friends whome I’ll never forget. I was provided with such great opportunities to test and develop myself. The memories I made are worth reliving – the night stay in college, the meeting at Amul, zero class attendance, and so much more. The last year didn’t go as we hoped (COVID-19), but we still managed to conduct so many activities and events and hope this society will keep on growing forever and ever.

Shikha Sharma

Teacher Coordinator

Message From Our Teacher Coordinator

The club, Illuminate offers an enriching platform for the students who have an appetite for knowledge. It promises to cultivate a passion for skill development through trainings, workshops, presentations, corporate interactions etc and to nurture the hidden talents among the students. The club organizes a rich and diverse array of activities intended to develop self-efficacy and confidence in students by facilitating smooth and efficient interaction among students, working professionals, aspiring and existing entrepreneurs and mentors. The club Illuminate comprises of a dedicated and professional team that diligently works to accomplish the aims of the club to enhance and nurture the leadership and entrepreneurial skills of students.

Shilpa BSL

Teacher Coordinator