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Reliance Industries: The Future Retail Giant?

Reliance Industries spreads its grasp by acquiring 2,000 of Future Group’s retail stores and Bazaar grocery chain. Future group’s huge chain of 2,000 outlets will now assist the 11,000 of Reliance Industry’s stores. Owned by India’s “father of modern retailing,” Kishore Biyani’s Future Group is home to supermarket chain Big Bazaar, Upmarket food stores FoodHall […]

Virtual Reality: The New Reality?

virtual reality technology

Virtual Reality, a technology which humans are going crazy for soon might replace our actual world. This technology now has made us more reliant on itself since the spread of the pandemic. When you can’t go out and live in the real world, then why not switch to virtual, right? First, let’s understand what this […]

Russia’s Cure for COVID-19

Russia's Cure

Russians are first in global cure development race but can we trust Russia’s cure?  When the whole world was running in the race of creating COVID-19 vaccine, on May 22nd Russia gave the world the news that the developers of a coronavirus vaccine have developed immunity to the infection after self-testing. This news acted as hope for […]