SUBCONSCIOUS MIND: The Real Controller?

 We all know about the existence of the subconscious mind but most of us are not aware of its power and the fact that it can turn our lives around.

Conscious Mind vs Subconscious Mind

 The conscious mind is the part of the brain that contains memories, feelings, perceptions, thoughts which we are aware of at any given moment. We are always focally aware of all the things that are in our conscious mind.

The conscious mind is just 10% of the brain and it generally focuses on storing and acting upon will power, long term memory, critical & logical thinking, and facts.

The subconscious mind is basically the memory bank for everything which is not in our conscious mind. It contains stuff that we’re not always focally aware of.

The subconscious mind stores our beliefs, habits, previous experiences, memories, skills. It contains everything we have seen or done even once. Many people think of it as an imaginary part of the brain but they’re wrong.

What does the Subconscious Mind do?

The role of the subconscious mind is to basically serve the brain as a memory bank and store memories which the conscious mind does not. The subconscious mind is ready to help us brush up or revive these memories when needed.

It can store anything like memories, traumatic experiences, tasks done before.

How can it prove to be powerful?

The subconscious mind is not aware of what is imaginary and what is real, or what is right and what is wrong, It stores everything that is presented to it.

The repetition of our routine tasks helps to gain personal experiences and develop habits. Our habits further develop or influence our network of beliefs that helps us to understand the world better.

The subconscious mind uses our predominant thoughts and helps us attract the circumstances according to them and also automate our behaviour according to them.

The power of this mind is based on what we attract and what fears do we keep in our mind.

So if we stay positive, optimistic and adopt a ‘can-do’ behaviour, our subconscious mind can turn our lives around.

The power is not always positive, If we attract negativity our subconscious mind will turn us towards negativity only. There’s a term, faulty programming, it basically means telling our inner self negative stuff like I can’t do it, I don’t deserve it etc. Fitting in these negative thoughts into our subconscious mind won’t do any good.

How can the Mind be tested?

The power of our subconscious mind can be medically tested through Placebo Effect.

The placebo effect is a medical phenomenon in which a fake treatment is given to the patients without them knowing about it to check if they can recover just psychologically or not.

For example, a test was conducted to test the power of the mind. In that test, a group of people having the same disease were chosen and divided into two groups.

One group was provided with the actual medication and the other group was just given sugar without them knowing about it but the recovery rate of both the groups was the same.

The subconscious made mind their body believe that they are being treated.

If we take a general day to day life examples, you must have experienced messing up a speech which you have thoroughly learned at least once just because of being nervous or thinking you will mess up.

So thinking about negative moments makes your mind recall them and automate your behaviour according to them only.

How to practice your Subconscious power?

We should try to adapt or develop positive habits. Habits like meditation, listening to positive podcasts, through music or through anything that helps you to be optimistic. Control your inner speech and keep believing in yourself.

It takes a lot of mental effort to practice and control our subconscious mind.

It is also said that our subconscious mind is most active just before when we’re going to bed. What we think or say to ourselves at that time will be transferred to our conscious mind in the morning.

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By Shashwat Kapoor

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