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The IPO Jackpot: Biggest of this Decade

Initial Public Offering

Ashok Soota, a pioneer of India’s Information Technology Services industry, has headed three outsourcing companies. Recently he took Happiest Mind Technologies Ltd. public.  His recent start-up was over subscribed 151 times which is highest of this decade as his IPO got bids for 3.51 billion shares versus the 23.3 million on offer, ranking it among […]

Self-Motivation: The Encouraging Force

Self-motivation is the force that encourages people to do things. People can be motivated by many things both internal and external, such as an emotion to do something, liking for a person or someone who wants to earn money. Usually, motivation results from certain factors. The ability to motivate yourself—self-motivation—is a vital skill. Self-motivation encourages […]

SUBCONSCIOUS MIND: The Real Controller?

 We all know about the existence of the subconscious mind but most of us are not aware of its power and the fact that it can turn our lives around. Conscious Mind vs Subconscious Mind  The conscious mind is the part of the brain that contains memories, feelings, perceptions, thoughts which we are aware of […]

LEADERSHIP: The Most Important Skill

Leadership is about being an influencer. It is the action of a leading group of people or an organisation towards success and excellence. It is an art of motivating people and getting best out of them. And to do that, one needs to be able to inspire them by arousing their emotions. What is leadership? […]

RESPONSIBILITY: Significance in Worklife


What is Responsibility? Responsibility means the opportunity or ability to deal with something or of having control over someone. To better understand the term ‘responsibility’, let us divide it into two root words- ‘Response’ and ‘Ability’, which means the ability to respond to the various events that take place in your life. You move into […]

Reliance Industries: The Future Retail Giant?

Reliance Industries spreads its grasp by acquiring 2,000 of Future Group’s retail stores and Bazaar grocery chain. Future group’s huge chain of 2,000 outlets will now assist the 11,000 of Reliance Industry’s stores. Owned by India’s “father of modern retailing,” Kishore Biyani’s Future Group is home to supermarket chain Big Bazaar, Upmarket food stores FoodHall […]

TEAMWORK: Importance in Workplace

soft skill

Teamwork is when a group of people work together, unitedly like a glue, towards a common objective or goal, creating a positive and practical working atmosphere while assisting, supporting each other to combine all of their strengths together to build an efficient team. “It takes not one but many people working together to build a […]

DECISIVENESS: The Gem of Leadership

quick decision making

 A person who knows how to make the right decisions at the right time favouring the circumstances is someone who has better chances at succeeding than others. Decisiveness is the ability to make decisions quickly and effectively. “Harness your emotional energy to make a decision and never regret” The road of life is paved with […]

Virtual Reality: The New Reality?

virtual reality technology

Virtual Reality, a technology which humans are going crazy for soon might replace our actual world. This technology now has made us more reliant on itself since the spread of the pandemic. When you can’t go out and live in the real world, then why not switch to virtual, right? First, let’s understand what this […]

DELEGATION: The Necessity of an Organisation


No corporation can stand or move without teamwork. The most important part of teamwork is delegation. Delegation is basically the distribution of authority to a different person to perform a certain task. It is usually done by a manager. In more technical term it is the downward transfer of from a superior to a subordinate. […]