On October 10, 2019, Illuminate organized the seminar on Entrepreneurship. The seminar was organized in the Seminar hall, Block 7 of Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Management Studies. The seminar focused on the entrepreneurship and skills necessary for entrepreneurship. The seminar was open to all students. A total of 170 registrations were received and around 100 students were present to attend the seminar. During the seminar, attendees shared their opinions, thoughts, and suggestions on Entrepreneurship.

Ms. Geetika Saigal was invited to address the seminar.

Ms. Geetika Saigal is the author of the best Amazon bestseller, “Finding Your G-Spot”, a Five times TEDx speaker, an award-winning best coach, and a thought leader.  Ms. Geetika spoke about a variety of topics and issues relating to Entrepreneurship.

She started with sharing her story of evolving from a corporate leader to an entrepreneur and thereon to a best-selling author. Her brutally honest attitude and her dry sense of humor were able to grasp the attention of the attendees. She then started discussing the generation of a business idea and whether it solves a problem or not. She gave some suggestions about what one should keep in mind while starting his start-up. She told the attendees about what resources are important for the start and survival of a start-up.

Ms. Geetika was very interactive and kept the entire audience in her grasp. She gave a chance to attendees to share their start-up ideas if they have any. She then discussed logistics for their ideas and gave some suggestions for the same. Then came the time for an interactive Q&A session. There were some really interesting questions put up by the attendees during the session and all of them were answered by the keynote speaker in a very comprehensive way.

In the end, Ms. Geetika Saigal explained in detail how entrepreneurship can be started at any age. She told that all a person needs is a good idea and proper planning. The discussion was very informative and knowledgeable. With this discussion, the seminar came to its end.

The webinar concluded on a great note with positive feedback from both attendees as well as the speaker, Ms. Geetika Saigal.

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