POSITIVITY: A World Altering Power

It is typically aforesaid that, if you’ve positivity in life, each state of affairs tends to figure out simply. Having a positive frame of mind, you’ll be able to see the planet from totally different eyes, the negative aura around you may not be touching you any longer and therefore, you may feel blissful.

Positivity is outlined as “the practice of being or tendency to be positive or optimistic in attitude or towards any situation in life.”

What is Positivity?

Positivity doesn’t mean to ignore your surroundings or to ignore the matter and sit idle thinking positive and anticipate the problem to be solved by itself. It simply means for you to approach unpleasantness in an exceedingly positive and productive manner.

Being positive or having a positive perspective suggests, acknowledging the difficulties and dangerous experiences, learning from your mistakes and using that experience to cope with the situation in a more positive and better way next time.

A positive person is the one who is self-esteemed and courageous and possess the perspective like “I can”, “it is possible” and “I am doing right”.

You all must have heard people say- “Stay positive, Work hard”, why do people advise us to stay positive? How does positivity benefit us? What is the power of positivity?

Power of Positivity

Power of positivity is that, even though you’re encircled by people with negative thoughts or feelings, it’ll not allow you to embed that negative aura. Being positive, you may be capable of winning everyone’s heart.
It is vital to recognize the power of positivity. 

The power of positivity doesn’t just make it easier for you to interact with others, but will also make you more approachable and makes it easier for other people to interact with you. Nobody likes negativity or being surrounded by people who possess negativity in their nature. 

People who criticize and find a defect in everything or complaint about every small matter, are often seen end up making themselves and everybody around them miserable.

If you’re a positive person, everybody will enjoy your company, will like to speak to you and you may be able to find good friends quickly and easily.

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”

Wayne Dyer

Work with Optimism

Till the time you will not think positive or do your work with optimistic feelings, you may get some result however those result might not be similar to what you just desired it to be.

Any work is done with a positive mindset, even though done wrong, won’t cause you to feel failing, instead you may be inspired to some extent to try and work with a different approach in order to gain success.

It is important for us to know the importance of positivity in our life. People all around the world nowadays are found suffering from issues like depression, anxiety and stress problems, they panic simply in any little state of affairs. 

The most common reason for these problems in most of the people is that they feel lonely or don’t have any positivism left in their lives as they’re encircled by negativity. 

It is very important, particularly for such people to use a positive approach towards their life, let the power of positivity work its manner with them. Only then, they’ll be ready and able to overcome such issues.

Benefits of Positivity

Positivity helps with stress management and might even improve your health. It’s been ascertained that positive and optimistic people tend to live their life in a comparatively healthier way. Aside from mental or emotional benefits, positivism provides us with various health benefits as well:

1 Increased span of life.
2 Lower rates of depression.
3 Lower rates of distress.
4 Great resistance to a respiratory disorder.
5 Better psychological and physical well-being.
6 Better cardiovascular health and reduced risk of death from disorder (heart disease).
7 Better skills to work out through hardships and cope up in times of stress.

Positivity through Humor

One of the important component to positivity is humor.

Many of our experiences in life are a result of how we interpret and respond to our surroundings. Instead of repressing or trying to “get rid” of negative feelings we can choose to interpret and respond to them differently.

Instead of thinking about pain and suffering in any situation, we must try to find humour within that situation. This will not only eliminate the negative aspect from the same but will also help us to remember that situation in a positive manner.

Therefore, next time remembering the same, there will be a smile on our face rather than sadness.

A Positive Outlook

Having a positive outlook on life or overcoming negative thoughts and emotions cannot happen naturally. This is something we should practice on a daily basis. In order to develop a positive outlook, we must apply certain steps in our life:

  • We must accept negative feelings like anger, jealousy and sadness and try to give them productive attention in order to find the solutions for the same.
  • We must develop the habit of letting go. This means we must not waste our time in coping with past experiences, instead, we should forget any bad memory move forward with a positive heart.
  • Meditate daily. Daily meditation makes our mind relax and cultivates the habit of patience in one’s behaviour. This will help us to think patiently and find a positive outlook in any situation.
  • Give some time to yourself. Taking time for oneself or talking to your inner soul is very crucial to develop patience and a positive attitude.

When you change your perception of things that appear to be negatives and turn them into positives, you not only change yourselves but possibly change the people around you.

If you adopt positivity as a way of life, it would bring constructive changes into you and makes you comparatively happier, brighter and more successful.


So often we do not realise as we go about our daily lives, just how much we can improve people’s lives just by treating them with positivity. Power of positivity increases by sharing. Your inner positivity can spread out externally and also impact others in a good way. It can help others become lighter and happier.

When your state of mind is generally positive, you’re better able to handle everyday stress in a more constructive and positive way.

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